10 Quick Steps to SELLING on eBay

10 Quick Steps to Selling on eBay – PDF

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10 Quick Steps to Selling on eBay - PDF

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Chuck Eglinton wrote one of the first sniping programs ever to be used to help people get last minute bargains on eBay, and he shares with you his accumulated knowledge on how to successfully sell items for the highest price on the world’s largest marketplace, eBay.

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Beginning with determining the right time to start and stop your auctions, how to properly price your items, even how to take pictures that sell, this Guide will walk you through the process and get you the most money for your stuff. Learn how to write a killer description for your items…the right options to add to your listing, and which ones to avoid…how to time your auction so that it ends at precisely the right time to maximize your income…get paid promptly using eBay’s PayPal system, and ship efficiently…use eBay’s feedback system to attract serious buyers to your auctions. (This Guide is also available in MP3 audio format.)

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