How does and eBay Sniper software help collectors?

BidRobot protects your privacy and promotes secrecy of your intended bids. Collectors often watch what other collectors are bidding on. Collectors can avoid creating interest in an item by waiting until the final moments to bid on a collectable. and other eBay Sniper software let you automate the process of placing a last second […]

What if two eBay Snipe software users are bidding for the same item?

Summary: You can improve your chances for winning eBay Auctions even if you are competing against others who are using eBay Snipe software Remember that eBay’s proxy bidding rules favor the highest bidder, which trumps bidding at whatever time, sniped or not. But, what if multiple eBay Snipe software users bid the exact same amount […]

What bid time should I set for or my eBay Sniper?

Summary: automatically sets your last second bid snipe time based on eBay’s response time and Internet traffic. We eliminated the “bid time” option in 2003 because too many bidders were setting buffer times that were too short. Actually, BidRobot automatically submits your bid anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds before the end of the […]

An Incredibly Cheap COLOR LASER Printer…

Summary: Color laser printers and supplies are cheaper than ever before. It may make sense to replace your ink-jet printer with a color laser printer. Include a full full-color insert with the items you sell and you’ll get more attention from customers and create a better image. “Upselling” is when you try to sell an […]