How can I make money in the cyber commerce market?

My advice to people who want to enter Cyber Commerce is to attempt a niche that you already know. For example, since you were in the Mortgage and Title business, so you likely know it very well. Is there something you can sell on the Internet that is related to that business? Could you sell […]

Audio: How to SELL on eBay
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Audio: How to BUY on eBay
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Do eBay Sellers hate BidRobot and eBay sniper programs?

Many do. For one thing, sellers are unable to gauge the interest in ongoing auctions because last-minute bidders are delaying their bids until the flurry of bids at very last moment. For another thing, last minute bidding often forces sellers to sell items for less than what they would like. There is nothing a seller […] placed my bid snipe at 7 seconds. How was I immediately outbid?

Summary: eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism can allow your eBay snipe bid to be immediately outbid, but not always. It is possible that you were immediately outbid because another bidder had a hidden “proxy bid” that was greater than your bid amount. The high bid that eBay shows on an auction item may not be […]

Can eBay’s Proxy Bidding beat bid sniping?

Summary: It’s possible for a bidder using eBay’s Proxy bid mechanism to beat bid sniping, but the catch is that most eBay bidders don’t know how to effectively use eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism. Matt J. asked, “Can eBay’s Proxy Bidding beat bid sniping?” The short answer is, “yes.” The long answer is, “often […]

Will be less effective if everyone starts bid sniping at eBay?

Summary: even if every bidder were to use it would still be to your advantage to use a method of bid sniping. eBay has 110 MILLION registered users, and probably less than a million of them use an automated bidding service. Not everyone does it. The majority will NEVER do it because they don’t […]