Does timing matter when eBay Bid Sniping?

Dear Chuck, It seems that most of my bid submission are being placed around 10 seconds before the end of the auction. Is there any way to optionally force a bid to be submitted at a later time? Like 5 seconds before end? I realize that BidRobot calculates the best time based on a polling […]

BidRobot eBay Snipe Renewal

I love eBay snipe software and want to renew when my $4000 runs out, but what happens when I renew before it runs out?Sincerely, Mike Hi Mike I’m glad you like BidRobot When you renew, the new time and amount gets added to any remaining time and amount you already have. For example, if […] Account Stays Open Until You Win

Hi, Chuck. My subscription has expired, and I am getting ready to renew. I have a question about the renewal rates. Do I understand correctly that the yearly fee of $69.00 will actually last a minimum of a year, and may last longer than that until I reach $12,000.00 worth of wins? So potentially, it […]

How can I snipe Bid Groups?

From Cathy S. I’m having trouble figuring out how bid groups work. For example, what happens with different priced items? What happens when I put in a lower bid for an item that is listed for less than another item in the bid group? I am confused but would like to take advantage of this […]