What Auction Sites are Similar to eBay?

When it comes to buying or selling on an online auction site, eBay is the one that is at the top of the heap. But it isn’t the only auction site available, and it pays to find out what the others are because you could get an equally good deal there. And if you are […]

How to Sell a Motorcycle at eBay

Did you know it is free to list your motorcycle for sale on eBay? That’s right you don’t have to part with a cent to get your bike listed if you feel the time is right to sell it. The fee structure works so that you only pay if you want a reserve or if […]

How to Sell a Car at eBay

Okay so you want to sell your car. What is the first place you would think of trying to sell it at? The chances are it may not be the big auction site eBay. But hundreds of cars are bought and sold on the site every single day, meaning there is a good market for […]

How to Sell Furniture on eBay

Do you have any items of furniture you’d like to get rid of? If you do, don’t just dump them – list them on eBay and make some money by doing so. It might seem a bit daunting doing this; after all furniture is bigger and much more awkward to list than a small item […]

How to Sell a Guitar on eBay

Guitars are popular items on eBay. A recent foray into the musical instruments main page showed that guitars were one of the most popular categories in that section, and many of the most popular searches had something to do with guitars as well. So this is a good market if you want to sell your […]

How to Buy Furniture on eBay

Regardless of whether you are looking for brand new furniture or something second hand, eBay might just be the best source of the furniture you want. If you have something very specific in mind, you can look for it by using the search box. Type in keywords that are relevant to that item and see […]

How Can I Find an eBay Dropshipper?

If you have decided that dropshipping is the ideal way to develop your business, you will want to find a good dropshipper to get started with. There are plenty of them around but you need to get one that is reputable and reliable – otherwise your eBay business will suffer because of it. So how […]