BidRobot eBay Snipe Renewal

I love eBay snipe software and want to renew when my $4000 runs out, but what happens when I renew before it runs out?Sincerely,


Hi Mike

I’m glad you like BidRobot

When you renew, the new time and amount gets added to any remaining time and amount you already have.

For example, if your current subscription ends in 3 weeks, and renew your account for a year, your new expiration date will be in one year and 3 weeks.

Likewise, if you have a remaining dollar value when you renew, it will be added to the renewal balance.

For example, if you have a $120 balance, and you renew for a year, your renewal balance will be $12,120 which is the renewal amount plus your old balance.

Thanks for using BidRobot.

Chuck Eglinton

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