eBay Photos Simple Studio

Creating Your Own Simple Photo Studio for Taking Superb Pics

Photography forms a big and important part of selling successfully on eBay. It allows you to show the items you have for sale from many different angles, and can make all the difference between a successful sale and an auction or Buy It Now listing that has no buyers.

But if you are operating a proper business on eBay, it’s arguably even more important that your photos are of a respectable quality. Even if your listing text is impeccable, well worded and the best you could possibly do, if you can see your cat sitting in the background in half of the photos used to illustrate your stock, the professional image you are trying to portray will be let down a lot.

So you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t actually take much effort to create superb pictures that show off your items to their best advantage – and you don’t need to buy a lot of expensive equipment to do it.

All you need are a few basic things you will find around your home – a chair (a dining chair works best), a white sheet, and perhaps a box. If you drape the sheet over the chair you have a ready made studio for taking close ups with your digital camera. Experiment to begin with to find the best place in the room you are using as far as light is concerned. This may vary depending on what time of day it is, and also what the weather is like.

The key advantage of a white background is that it doesn’t detract from the item you are photographing. It actually draws attention to your item, and depending on what it is you are selling, it can make it look much more colourful. If you take a photo of your item on your kitchen floor, or your carpet, or your bed, you’ll find your item will get lost among the colours in the background.

Many sellers on eBay don’t do themselves any real favours when they are taking photos, as they don’t put the same amount of effort into them as they do into the rest of their listings. Making sure that you take good pictures on a clean white background will ensure your listings stand out among the competition, and don’t let you down. They will also enhance your professional image – something which doesn’t happen if people can tell you’ve taken the picture at home in your front room.

So the next time you put a new listing on eBay, don’t just double check your title, your description and your price. Double check your photo too – because it’s just as important as everything else.

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