How can I make money in the cyber commerce market?

My advice to people who want to enter Cyber Commerce is to attempt a niche that you already know. For example, since you were in the Mortgage and Title business, so you likely know it very well. Is there something you can sell on the Internet that is related to that business? Could you sell consulting services? Make money by writing a short book or eBook about the Mortgage and Title business? Create a forum for people in the Mortgage and Title business that is advertiser supported?

I’m always looking for online and offline businesses that have barriers to entry. I don’t want to necessarily be in a business that is easy for anyone to get into because there is always someone in another state or country who has a lower cost of living who will beat me up on price and force me to lower my prices. Instead, I prefer to find businesses that require some expertise or capital or experience so that there are fewer competitors and higher profit margins.

Chuck Eglinton

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