How does automatic sniping with Bidrobot compare to using a high limit proxy bid on eBay?

Summary: Think of and automated bid sniping as a “secret, sealed, last minute proxy bid” that will blindside your competitors and give you the final word.

J.C. asked, “How does automatic sniping with Bidrobot compare to a strategy of entering an automatic proxy bid on Ebay with a very high limit?”

The huge, gaping, problem with using eBay’s Proxy bidding mechanism is that competing bidders have time and the ability to force your bid amount up, or worse, reveal your maximum proxy bid.

Yes, you may still win if your proxy bid is very high, but you’re not going to be happy that other bidders have used the several days to bid against your proxy and elevate the amount you’ll pay. So, here’s what you can do…

Think about automatic sniping and as a “secret, sealed, last second proxy bid.” bids on your behalf up-to the maximum amount you specify – just like eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism. However, and automatic snipe services add a very important benefit to eBay’s Proxy bidding mechanism: Surprise.

Competing bidders can’t bid against your high proxy bid amount if they don’t know you have one!

This is very important: When you bid early ,OTHER people will see your bid and consider it a target. Even though eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism hides your high bid, some bidders will still bid repeatedly trying to beat your highest proxy bid. So the auction becomes a tit-for-tat emotional bidding extravaganza.

So, delivers your secret, sealed, proxy bid in the final few seconds of the auction. Your bid will be placed at a time when your competitors will not have time to react. The bid will be placed as a last-second proxy bid which means that you’ll pay only one bid increment higher than the second highest bidder, up to your maximum bid amount.

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