Online Auction e-Bay Item Not Received Scam

Learn what recourse you have as an eBay buyer if your item is not received or if the item you receive is not as advertised.

I recently purchased an item at eBay and promptly paid the seller using my debit card at PayPal. The seller had a good feedback rating, but I’ve never received the item, the seller will provide tracking information, and lately the seller won’t even return my e-mails. How can I get mighty they item or get my money back?

Chuck’s answer: You mentioned that you bought from an eBay seller who had good positive feedback ratings. That’s good (an eBay seller’s feedback rating immediately follows his eBay name in parentheses). It’s also a good idea to actually click on the seller’s feedback rating link to see his feedback profile. That’s because the feedback profile also shows recent feedback ratings broken up into occurrence of one month, six months and 12 months. This is important because a seller with a large positive feedback rating may have had a good long-term history, over several months, but the same seller may have had some circumstances that has caused the seller to have a poor recent performance. Only the seller’s feedback profile would indicate that his performance has become poor in the last couple of months.

If you had sent the buyer cash or used a money order, the buyer would have your money and you would have no recourse. But since used PayPal for the item received, you are protected by the PayPal buyer protection policy. PayPal’s buyer protection policy helps you resolve disputes with a seller if the item is not received (INR) or if the item is significantly not as described (SNAD). PayPal will first try to get the sellers side of the story, and if the seller does not respond then PayPal will likely reverse the transaction taking funds from the seller’s account and return them to the buyers account. PayPal will reimburse you for the purchase price of the eBay item and original shipping costs. For some very expensive items, PayPal will cap the coverage has shown in the eBay auction description.

To be eligible for PayPal’s buyer protection, you must use PayPal to purchase an eligible item on eBay, you must pay the full amount of the item using one payment. Items purchased with multiple payments-like a deposit followed by a a final payment are not eligible for the PayPal buyer protection. You must also open a dispute with PayPal within 45 days of when you sent payment to the buyer.

So, as long as you pay with PayPal and have some leverage against the seller using the PayPal buyer protection program and PayPal as your agent. You could have also had another layer protection had you used a credit card, since you could have disputed the payment to the seller through the bank that issued your credit card.   I’m confident this problem will be resolved in your favor. Good luck.

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