How to use the Internet for Home Improvement Savings

Save Real Money and Time Buying Tools and Home Improvement Products on the Internet

By Tim Carter
© Tim Carter 1993-2006
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"...Check for limited-time online deals and tool liquidations
Some retailers now use Internet web sites to liquidate large quantities of old inventory and overstocked items. As you might expect, some of these items are in short supply so you'll need to check regularly for the best deals and greatest selection. These are very often deals that you'll find online only and cannot find in retail stores. Use the links below to find some of these deals:...."

or did you know this nugget of information:

"....Be wary of auction listings that have no photos or use stock photos from a manufacturer's website. While stock photos do a nice job of showing what an item looks like, a stock picture is not an image of the specific item up for bid. If it is used, the stock picture will not show any scratches, dings, wear, or other potential problems with the item. If you see a stock photo you should ask seller questions about the condition that are not addressed in the item description...."

The cost for this money-saving instant download EBook is just $14.95.

This EBook is an instant download the moment your credit is approved. It comes to you in the common PDF format that can be viewed with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

To MAKE SURE the EBook opens as soon as you get it, I beg you to click the Adobe graphic just below to download the version 5.0 of this free software. Doing this insures that you will be able to view all of the photos and graphics within the EBook. Your computer may have an older version that does not let you see the images. Once you have downloaded the free software, you simply double click the attached file icon in the email that I send to you and the EBook automatically opens.

Questions? Skeptical? Send me an email:

This product downloads immediately at my Victory! screen the moment your credit is approved. The download time varies depending upon your connection speed. If you have a cable modem or DSL, the .pdf file comes to you in seconds. If you still connect to the Internet with a traditional modem, the download should only take a few minutes.

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