Three Ways to Handle the eBay eBook Competition

Summary: The number of book sellers on eBay has increased. You can differentiate yourself as an eBay book seller by offering something extra.

By John Thornhill

When reselling eBooks was a brand new idea, success in the marketplace was virtually assured for anyone with a decent product who was willing to learn a few solid techniques. Those same old strategies work today, but as word of the profit potential in selling eBooks on eBay has spread, so has the number of competitors in the field. Even veteran eBook sellers are looking for ways to handle this increased competition and to make their offering stand out in an increasing crowded field.
There are thousands of ways one can handle the eBay eBook competition, but three particular strategies have been proven to be successful. These are auction improvement, price adjustment, and providing added value.

Auction improvement refers to those techniques one can use to make sure their auction will attract attention and resonate with consumers. Improving auctions can be done via the use of unique graphics, writing great sales copy and taking other measures to make sure that a customer would feel more comfortable making a purchase from one’s own auction rather than from other competitors that may even be offering the identical eBook title. There are an infinite ways to improve an auction, and a good eBay eBook seller will always be on the lookout for ways to differentiate himself or herself from the pack.

Price adjustment is the most obvious means of handling competition. Consumers have a tendency to make decisions, in large measure, on price. If you are able to offer your eBooks at a price below that of your primary competitors, you may be able to make up the loss of revenue per sale with volume. The eBook market has recently seen some real downward movement in price, particularly for older titles. Those who can still profit from selling these eBooks are those who are able to manage their business in a way that makes low-margin, high-volume sales worthwhile. This may require investigation into automation tools or completely examining your operation to find ways to increase overall efficiency.

Sellers can also attempt to secure a larger number of sales by providing added value to consumers. This may involve bundling multiple titles at a single price or providing a free second eBook with the purchase of one other title. Some eBook sellers will offer special reports, for instance, in tandem with the eBooks being sold in order to give the buyer a reason to prefer one auction over another. Smart eBook sellers find ways to give the customer something extra as a way of convincing them to make a purchase.

As eBay competition in the eBook field heats up, it will be important for those who want to truly maximize their profit potential to examine some ways of handling an influx of competition. Adoption and maintenance of tried and trued methods is still a great way to operate a successful eBook sales plan, but supplementing the basics with other ways of battling competition will produce even more impressive results.

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