What bid time should I set for BidRobot.com or my eBay Sniper?

Summary: BidRobot.com automatically sets your last second bid snipe time based on eBay’s response time and Internet traffic.

We eliminated the “bid time” option in 2003 because too many bidders were setting buffer times that were too short.

Actually, BidRobot automatically submits your bid anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds before the end of the auction depending on eBay’s response time and Internet traffic.

At about one minute before the end of the auction, BidRobot “pings” the eBay server and checks to see the response time. If there are delays in either the Internet or eBays server (like on Saturday or Sunday nights) then BidRobot sends the bid a couple seconds earlier. If the response from eBay is fast then BidRobot sends the bid later.

Statistically, After sending a few million bids over seven years, we have found this the best method to getting bids in on time and winning more auctions.

The short story is, at 7 seconds or more, we have the time to submit a second “last minute bid” if eBay failes to recognize the first snipe bid. Well, eBay fails to acknowledge the first bid about 8% of the time. So, we have nearly a 100% successful bid submission rate when we bid at 7 seconds, and again if necessary.

Also keep this in mind – If your bid is sent at 10 seconds, the other bidders have to refresh their screens to see your bid, then they have to set their new bid, then they have to submit their new bid. It’s unlikely any of your competitors can do all this in the last few seconds of an auction.

Most often a sniper loses simply because some other bidder has sent a higher “PROXY” bid. If you’ve lost any specific auctions, I would be happy to analyze them with you. Just send me another e-mail with the specific auction numbers and we will analyze the auction close and bid prices second-by-second.

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