Where Can I Find Tool Recommendations when buying tools online?

Before you begin searching for tools, ask your friends what recent tools they’ve bought.  Also, ask how often they use them.  This sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed how little we utilize free advice.  Plus, you want to know more than just which electric drill Bob uses at home.  You also want to know why Bob chose that particular drill, if had he used other drills in the past and which one would he use if he had his pick of the lot.  Then, once you’re through with Bob, ask the same line of questions to the rest of your handyman friends.  Find out which tools they’re happy with and which tools they’re not. Where they purchased them and if they shopped around before they bought.  Then, read what strangers have to say about the product you’re considering at sites like these:

www.Epinions.com – a consumer opinion website

– an online seller with buyer opinions

www.Bizrate.com – where businesses are rated by buyers

Visit your local retail store to take a personal look at the item and to check the average retail prices.  Check the different models for features.  Compare brands.  See what’s still available.  Take notes about prices and features. Note model numbers.  Do some legwork and get as much information as you can.  A little legwork can go a long way.

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