10 Quick Steps to BUYING on eBay

10 Quick Steps to Buying on eBay – PDF

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10 Quick Steps to Buying on eBay - PDF

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Chuck Eglinton wrote one of the first sniping programs ever to be used to help people get last minute bargains on eBay, and he shares with you his accumulated knowledge on how to find the hidden and not-so-hidden bargains on the world’s largest marketplace, eBay.

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Knowing when and how to bid on eBay makes all the difference in the world. When to pass, as well as when to snipe (and, of course, what “sniping” means), and how to increase your chances of winning any auction you enter Learn six ways to find hidden bargains using eBay’s advanced search capabilities..master the skill of placing your bid at the right time with confidence…watch for traps that could saddle you with worthless items or unnecessary overpayment. (This Guide is also available in MP3 audio format.)

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