How can I snipe Bid Groups?

From Cathy S.

I’m having trouble figuring out how bid groups work. For example, what happens with different priced items? What happens when I put in a lower bid for an item that is listed for less than another item in the bid group? I am confused but would like to take advantage of this feature.

I only want to win one item in the bid group. I am not sure how bidrobot prioritizes the items in the bid group.Thanks for any enlightenment

Dear Cathy,

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to win an IPOD and there are 20 ipod auctions ending in the next few days.

Each IPOD auction is different. Some are new, some are used. Some have high shipping costs, some have low shipping costs, some have no shipping costs at all.

Consider each auction individually: What is the maximum total amount I am willing to pay for this IPOD in this particular auction? Then, place a BidRobot bid for that auction.

Do the same for all the other IPOD auctions, consider what those individual auctions are worth to you, and add those bids to the same “bidgroup” using the “add to this group” button in each section of the bid screen.

BidRobot does NOT prioritize your bids, because it can’t. It simply places your bids in the final few seconds of each auction. As soon as you’re the winner of any auction in a BidGroup, all your pending bids in that group are cancelled for for remaining auctions that have not yet closed.

So, for example, you may have created a bidgroup that contains your pending bids for 5 IPOD auctions. BidRobot will execute your 5 bids in the order that the auctions end. Auctions 1 and 2 end and you don’t win because because you are outbid by other bidders. You win Auction Number 3, great! BidRobot then cancels your pending bids for auctions 4 and 5 because you’ve already won your IPOD.

Please write again if you need more help

Chuck Eglinton

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