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Summary: Color laser printers and supplies are cheaper than ever before. It may make sense to replace your ink-jet printer with a color laser printer. Include a full full-color insert with the items you sell and you’ll get more attention from customers and create a better image.

“Upselling” is when you try to sell an existing customer another product or service in addition to a product or service that they’ve already purchased. Many eBay sellers and online sellers “upsell” by including information or product sheets with every item they ship. Full color “upsell” sheets can get more attention for your company and can improve your company image.

I’ll give you the meat of this article, first:

At the time I am writing this, Fry’s Outpost is selling a refurbished Konica Minolta 2430DL COLOR LASER Printer for only $149. Ground Shipping is about $20-$40 depending on where you live. With this color laser printer, you can pay 5-cents or less for each full color page you print. The link for this cheap printer is at the end of this article.

My ink-jet printer had been acting up again. We sometimes go for weeks without using it and, as a result, the ink-jet cartridges are sometimes messed up or dried up when we try to print. We can sometimes remove the cartridges and clean them, or use a utility to clean them, but sometimes the cartridges are so far gone that they have to be replaced. And I’m sure you know, replacing ink-jet cartridges is not cheap. Well, these issues disappear when using a color laser printer instead of an inkjet printer.

We all know that the printer companies give away printers so that they can make a profit on the replacement cartridges that you buy. The cost for printing with an inkjet printer can be several cents per page or more.

The $149 Konica Minolta 2430DL color laser printer is at the link below. It is limited supply:

For some time, I’ve been watching the prices of printers drop. With color laser prices under $400, I decided it was time to buy a COLOR LASER printer for my home office.
Color Laser printers are much faster and more reliable than color ink jet printers. Many laser printers are now network compatible. Simply plug them into your network hub, install some software, and any computer on your network can print without being connected directly to the printer.

Most printers arrive with starter cartridges that are filled at about 30% of capacity. If you buy a COLOR LASER printer you’ll need 4 replacement cartridges, Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. High capacity toner cartridges can be purchased for about $60-$80 from vendors listed at eBay and Froogle.

Click here to find cheap Color Laser Toner at eBay:

Each $60 high-capacity cartridge yields about 4500 pages. So, for full-color pages, the cost per page could be $0.013 times 4 colors, or 0.052 per full-color page. This doesn’t include the original cost of the printer, nor does it include other eventual part replacements and your mileage may vary.

You’ll notice in the eBay search results that you can buy bottles of toner *refills*, too. The rest of this post may not be appropriate for everyone, but may be interesting to anyone who would like to cut toner costs in half.

My other printer is a non-color Sharp AL1551 duplex printer/scanner. I can refill the black toner cartridge in 20 minutes or less, and the process is simpler and cleaner than you might imagine. A bottle of black toner costs about $10 and produces about 3000 pages. So, I purchase a new cartridge for about $90, refill it 3 times at a cost of about $10 for each fill. A cost of $120 for each cartridge and refills produces 15,000 sheets at less than a penny (0.008) per page.

So, for this Minolta Color Laser printer, each $30 bottle of refill toner yeilds about 4,500 printed pages. Most toner sellers include an easily installed printer reset chip that that must be replaced at certain intervals. For a full color page your cost will be about $0.007 per color, or $0.025 per full-color page. I’d much rather pay 3-cents per page in my home than have the inconvenience of paying ten times more at my local Kinkos.

Chuck Eglinton

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