Another auction sniper bid 3 seconds after me. Did he see my bid?

Summary: Chances are that you’re eventually going to come up against another sniper or two. Even if the other sniper bids a few seconds after you, it’s not likely that he saw your bid and it’s not likely that he changed his bid to beat yours.

Generally, if you lose an auction, it is NOT because another sniper saw your bid then changed their bid within 2 or 3 seconds to beat you … the other winning sniper set his high proxy bid 12 or more HOURS ago it’s just being EXECUTED at the last few seconds.

Although it’s POSSIBLE he saw your bid – it’s unlikely. It’s more likely that he set a high bid in his sniping program a few days ago, and his “sealed bid” was simply higher than your hidden bid…

Think about it this way. In the last 7-10 seconds, a machine is delivering your maximum sealed bid. It’s doing the same thing for three other snipers.

Most snipers know the maximum amount they will pay LONG before the last 3 seconds of the auction. Probably two days ago when he saw the item, he decided he was willing to pay up to $500 for an auction item. Like you, he set his MAXIMUM bid a few days ago – then he walked away.

The most successful snipers, the ones who win most often, are the bid snipers who set their snipes for THE MOST THEY ARE WILLING TO PAY and they NEVER VISIT THE AUCTION AGAIN after setting their maximum bid ONE TIME. Statistically, according to our logs, they set their snipes 12-48 hours BEFORE the end of auction.

Remember, the high bid ALWAYS wins – whether you’re sniping or not. If the very first bidder on this item had entered a proxy bid of $1000 he would have beat any snipers with lower bids, even though he was not a sniper.

When you’re in competitive categories (like collectables) the only thing you can do is decide the maximum amount you’re willing to spend, set your bid, and walk away – Unfortunately if someone else always sets their snipe bid $200 higher than yours, then they will be the winner.

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