placed my bid snipe at 7 seconds. How was I immediately outbid?

Summary: eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism can allow your eBay snipe bid to be immediately outbid, but not always.

It is possible that you were immediately outbid because another bidder had a hidden “proxy bid” that was greater than your bid amount. The high bid that eBay shows on an auction item may not be the maximum amount that the current high bidder has set as a proxy bid.

eBay’s proxy bidding works like this: When a bid is placed, eBay limits the bid amount displayed to one bid increment higher than the second highest current bid amount. For example,
So, here’s what you can do to beat eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism…

So, to win an auction, do NOT bid just enough to beat the current high bidder. That’s wrong and doesn’t always work. Instead, always bid the most you are willing to pay! eBay’s PROXY BIDDING will guarantee that you only pay one increment higher than the second highest bidder.

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