Can eBay’s Proxy Bidding beat bid sniping?

Summary: It’s possible for a bidder using eBay’s Proxy bid mechanism to beat bid sniping, but the catch is that most eBay bidders don’t know how to effectively use eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism.

Matt J. asked, “Can eBay’s Proxy Bidding beat bid sniping?”

The short answer is, “yes.”

The long answer is, “often you can beat proxy bidding when you use bid sniping.” This is because most eBay bidders do NOT use eBay’s proxy bidding correctly. Instead, the MAJORITY of eBay bidders bid “tit-for-tat” bidding throughout the term of the auction…. which is incredibly ineffective and can allow you to beat them…

Here’s how most people bid: You bid $10 on Monday, they bid $15 on Tuesday, you bid $20 on Wednesday, and so on… So, two or three bidders just continue to outbid each other throughout the term of the auction…. Bidders always assume that they’ll be able to see the next bid coming and that they can counter it.

Everybody can see everybody else moves – there are no secrets and they just keep bidding higher and higher and higher. Yes, they could set a high proxy bid and be done with it, but they don’t. And if they did set a high proxy bid, the other bidders would take the remaining time in the auction to whack their bids against it, causing the winner to pay more, regardless of whom that might be.

So, this is where bid sniping comes in…..

#1) Most bidders don’t bid by proxy – they bid exactly the amount they are willing to pay at that particular moment.

#2) If you DO NOT snipe, you show your hand, they get emotional, you get emotional and the bidding goes higher and higher throughout the week.

#3) If you DO use sniping, you should NOT base your bid on the current high bid amount that is showing. Because the current high bidder MAY HAVE AN OUTRAGEOUS HIGH PROXY BID AMOUNT that is hidden.

#4) Our experience (since 1998) says that you should SNIPE WITH THE GREATEST AMOUNT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY then walk away. Sniping is simply delivering a secret sealed bid that no one can counter manually in the final moments. Sniping prevents other bidders who are bidding manually to up your bid any more than you’re realistically willing to pay.

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