eBay Descriptions

How Are Your Item Descriptions Holding Up Against The Competition? When you list a new item on eBay, the chances are you spend quite a while thinking up the best listing title you can. Keywords, search terms and relevant words and phrases are all necessary to make sure your potential buyers find your items and […]

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eBay Seller Contingencies

Do You Have A Plan For When Things Go Wrong? We don’t like to admit it, but we all get sick now and again. Having a heavy cold and sitting at your computer printing out invoices and packaging up sold items is one thing, but if you get laid low with the flu – or […]

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eBay Power Seller

How Important Is It To Reach Power Seller Status? We’ve all seen that enviable icon alongside the names of some of the top eBay sellers. But is reaching Power Seller status all it’s cracked up to be? Power Seller status was dreamed up by eBay as a way to make the top sellers recognizable by […]

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eBay Seller Customer Service

We all know how important good feedback is to our whole selling experience on eBay. But good customer service goes far beyond the need to get positive feedback from everyone we sell an item to. When we buy something on eBay we at least expect a good service from the seller. But when we are […]

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eBay Photos Simple Studio

Creating Your Own Simple Photo Studio for Taking Superb Pics Photography forms a big and important part of selling successfully on eBay. It allows you to show the items you have for sale from many different angles, and can make all the difference between a successful sale and an auction or Buy It Now listing […]

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eBay Holidays Selling Tips

Working to a Different Calendar One of the things you need to get used to if you are going to be a serious eBay seller is planning ahead. Big events such as Halloween and Christmas need to be thought about well in advance if you are to make the most of the increased sales you […]

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eBay Photos Gallery

Take a look around eBay and you’ll see lots of listings that have gallery pictures attached to them – the little thumbnail picture that appears next to the listings title to show people what the item is like. This listings upgrade is optional, and indeed many listings don’t have them at all. But eBay reckons […]

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