Do eBay Sellers hate BidRobot and eBay sniper programs?

Many do. For one thing, sellers are unable to gauge the interest in ongoing auctions because last-minute bidders are delaying their bids until the flurry of bids at very last moment. For another thing, last minute bidding often forces sellers to sell items for less than what they would like. There is nothing a seller likes more than to see a several day long bidding war at the expense of several bidders. In the early days, sellers unsuccessfully lobbied eBay to prohibit last minute bidding. Some sellers understand that while BidRobot may keep the prices of items down, it also attracts last-minute bidders who might not otherwise bid for an item. Whether sellers like it or not, last minute bidding wins more auctions and is here to stay.


  1. RPowell says:

    As a buyer, I love sniping programs… as a seller, they take away a lot of the ‘fire’ that makes auction bidding work. It is easy to defeat snipe programs. As a seller, in your listing you tell shoppers that you will be ending the auction early… at some random time in the last 5 minutes. High bidder still wins the auction and snipers are out looking for some other target, and everyone is happy.

  2. Byron Gates, Jr. says:

    I love snipers, I personally use one of the more popular sniping software programs. As a buyer, snipe software allowes me to manage my bidding in greater volume. For instance I wanted to buy a particular car for my personal use. I had bid on about 35 cars unsucessfully, mainly because I had intentionally bid far below wholesale hoping to snag a deal. Finally I snagged one at the exact price I wanted to pay, over $8000 below wholesale. My snipe program immediately shut down six other auctions to eliminate a dupe car purchase.
    I typically have 50>250 auctions I’m bidding on and there is no way I could stay on top of that sort of action. Upping my bid or pulling out or any alt I might want to make.
    Since I sell everything I buy from eBay on eBay, I hold for a few months, and relist the product for 50>100% more than I paid for it. If a sniper gets it, that is more than fine with me. May the fastest bidder win.
    Long live eBay, long live snipping action

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