Does timing matter when eBay Bid Sniping?

Dear Chuck,

It seems that most of my bid submission are being placed around 10 seconds before the end of the auction.

Is there any way to optionally force a bid to be submitted at a later time? Like 5 seconds before end? I realize that BidRobot calculates the best time based on a polling of the eBay site prior to auction end.

But a couple times I was “out sniped” by someone when my bid was submitted at 10 seconds only to have it outbid in the last 5 seconds by another sniper.

Any Ideas? .. Rich

Hi Rich,

In 1998 and 1999, we allowed BidRobot users to set their own last minute snipe bid times. It was mostly a disaster because they’d set the time too close to the auction end, and if eBay’s servers didn’t respond for some reason, there were then not enough seconds to respond for BidRobot attempt to bid a second time.

Now that BidRobot places bids in the final 8 to 10 seconds of the auction, if eBay’s servers don’t respond (by some fault of eBay) then there is often still enough time for BidRobot to quickly try again in the final few seconds. BidRobot’s successful submission rate has improved dramatically since we started using this method in 2000.

Also, consider this: It’s highly unlikely that the amount your snipe bid competitor bid had anything to to do with your bid amount. Your competitor didn’t likely see your bid amount, and if he did, he didn’t have time to react to it.

If your competitor is placing a bid at 5 seconds, he probably set his bid amount hours or days earlier using or another similar snipe service. When sniping in the last half minute of an auction, your bid amount matters more than the timing.

Doesn’t matter whether everyone snipes at 10 seconds, 6 seconds, 2 seconds. The point about sniping is that no one can REACT based on the flurry of bids that may occur in the last few seconds of an auction.

The advantage sniping gives you is that you are both GUESSING what the other last minute bid amounts may be. Most snipers are using automated tools and their bids (like yours) were set hours or days earlier.

After being in the snipe business longer than everyone else, and after processing millions of bids over 9 years, maybe I can help you with a tip that we’ve discovered after watching thousands of successful bidders:

Set your snipe to the HIGHEST AMOUNT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY then walk away.

BidRobot’s proxy will insure that your bid is only enough to beat the second highest bidder, and BidRobot will bid UP TO your maximum bid amount.

We’ve been doing this a long time. We know which strategies win most often. Please report back to me and let me know if this winning strategy helps you win, too

Chuck Eglinton

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