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How Are Your Item Descriptions Holding Up Against The Competition?

When you list a new item on eBay, the chances are you spend quite a while thinking up the best listing title you can. Keywords, search terms and relevant words and phrases are all necessary to make sure your potential buyers find your items and click on them for more information.

But how are those listings holding up when it comes to the actual item description? It’s important to remember that the title gets their attention – it’s the description that must do most of the selling for you.

Of course you cannot embellish or otherwise be less than honest in your item description. Describing an item as brand new if it is second hand won’t get you good feedback from the person that buys it. But apart from obvious points such as this, it’s also worth taking a look at the kind of language you are using in your listings.

Now I’m guessing you want your potential customers to be excited and eager to buy your item. Those are both positive moods, so it’s vital that you slant your words to instil a positive response in anyone who reads them.

Don’t tell people what your item won’t do, or isn’t capable of – instead tell them what it CAN do, and what it IS capable of. Think of the advantages of having the item, and the difference it could make in someone’s life. Some items will be easier to write about than others, but with practice you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Sometimes a little bit of history or background about the item can help to set a positive and enthralling mood with the buyer. Let’s say, for example, that you have for sale a piece of memorabilia depicting a famous children’s TV program from the 1980’s. You might start with “Remember this..?” and then go on to ring a few bells for the person reading the listing. If they’ve clicked on it to find out more, they are after all very likely to remember the show and want to know more. In this case you could surf the net for a little background information to put in the listing description – all of which helps to create a familiar mood for the buyer.

Many people don’t go to much trouble when they write their descriptions; they simply state the facts and leave it at that. But it’s not that hard to really sell your item to a buyer, and it can make all the difference to your sales if it’s an item you sell regularly.

So avoid the negative and go for the positive every time – you’ll sell more and appeal to more people if you do.

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  1. “Many people don’t go to much trouble when they write their descriptions.”
    I agree; in fact many just copy and paste from the manufacturers, or suppliers website.

    Here’s a strategy that I have found to aid in your item description; Describe the item as if you have no pictures. (of course you will have) but if you are describing your item as if you don’t you will find that it will automatically make you describe every detail, and also bring that detail to the buyers attention.


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