eBay Photos Gallery

Take a look around eBay and you’ll see lots of listings that have gallery pictures attached to them – the little thumbnail picture that appears next to the listings title to show people what the item is like.

This listings upgrade is optional, and indeed many listings don’t have them at all. But eBay reckons that listings are more likely to sell successfully if you do have a gallery picture. So what route is right – pay the extra and take your picture, or go without and hope your stunning title makes the sale?

Not surprisingly, there is no cut and dried answer to this. In many cases a gallery picture does help to sell the item; you’ll still need an excellent title in order to make sure the item turns up in plenty of relevant searches, but quite often if the buyer has a choice between two identical items with very similar titles they will tend to gravitate towards the one with the gallery picture, as they will already have an idea of what the item will be like before going into the listing itself. If the listing title has no gallery picture next to it, how will the prospective buyer know whether or not the item is of any relevance to them?

Newbie sellers very often fall into the trap of saying yes to all the listing enhancements that are offered, which is why they very often pay a huge amount for their first listing. The golden rule to ask yourself is this – will my listing really benefit from having a gallery picture?

In many cases the answer will be yes, but if you are selling very cheap items (especially those under a dollar) it’s really not worth it. Adding a gallery picture in this case can make the difference between profit and loss, so be sure to work out your figures before selecting this option. It can also be useful to bear it in mind when you are sourcing new low price items.

You also need to make sure your gallery picture works for you. Some creative thinking can really put you ahead of the competition here. Let’s suppose you have decided to offer free shipping on certain products which are light and easy to mail. Why not enter a graphic as your gallery picture, which simply says FREE SHIPPING in red letters on a white background?

That would certainly catch the eye of a casual browser, and the more hits your listings get, the more likely it is that you will either turn some of those into sales, or at least encourage them to look at your other listings and look round your shop, if you have one.

So think carefully before using a gallery picture, and make sure it’s really put to work for you if you decide to use it.

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