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How Important Is It To Reach Power Seller Status?

We’ve all seen that enviable icon alongside the names of some of the top eBay sellers. But is reaching Power Seller status all it’s cracked up to be?

Power Seller status was dreamed up by eBay as a way to make the top sellers recognizable by the general public. The idea is that if you see the Power Seller logo, you know the seller maintains a certain level of sales and professionalism in order to attain that status.

There is certainly a degree of comfort involved with buying from a Power Seller; If you are just starting out as a professional seller – buying stock to resell rather than selling off old junk from your attic – then Power Seller is a good target to aim for. You know exactly how much you need to sell to reach each level, and as such it automatically gives you a five step plan for growing your business.

But trying to reach Power Seller status should not be your only goal. Instead, it should be a welcome reward for striving to establish yourself on eBay. If it is your only goal, you are actually less likely to reach it, because you will be putting all your energies into that and that alone – instead of into the aspects of your business that will eventually get you there anyway.

Being a Power Seller is like being a member of an exclusive club, and it comes with certain fringe benefits – like having telephone access to the eBay Power Seller helpline. You may never use it, but like house insurance it’s nice to know it’s there.

If you attain Power Seller status, you’ll find that it boosts the rest of your profile. You may not be able to tell exactly what effect it has on your sales, but you can bet that more people are likely to take a chance on buying something from you because of that little logo. It’s almost as good as having eBay tapping on the shoulder of every potential buyer and saying, ‘Hey look. You can buy from this person. You can trust them. They sell a lot every day and they’ve got great feedback. They stand for everything that’s good about eBay.’

In short, don’t make Power Seller your primary goal. It will come automatically when you do all the things you need to do in order to build a successful and thriving business on eBay.

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