eBay Seller Contingencies

Do You Have A Plan For When Things Go Wrong?

We don’t like to admit it, but we all get sick now and again. Having a heavy cold and sitting at your computer printing out invoices and packaging up sold items is one thing, but if you get laid low with the flu – or God forbid something worse – what will you do about your eBay business?

Forewarned really is forearmed in this case. If you wait until something happens to take action, you could end up with lots of orders waiting to go out and customers wondering what’s happened to their purchases. If it’s something minor that crops up, the best route is to simply send an email telling them honestly what the problem is, and when you will be mailing their item out to them. Most people are fine with this, and grateful that they know what’s going on. Some will even send get well wishes!

But for anything that causes delays of longer than a day or two, you ideally need to have a back up plan. Speak to your partner, your friends and your family and ask them if they would be willing to help out in this situation. Getting a simple yes isn’t enough though – you need to make sure they will know how to mail stuff out; eBay’s seller screens are easy enough to understand if you are used to them, but to someone who hasn’t seen them before, they are not always easy to understand.

Do a dummy run to make sure your chosen back-up knows exactly what to do, and make sure they are happy with having to mail out what could be a considerable amount of parcels. The more you can do in advance the better – and you can always print out a step by step guide to what needs to be done, just in case anything gets forgotten.

You should also have a contingency plan in case your broadband internet connection drops out for any length of time. Many people don’t consider this, but it can and does happen, and if your business relies on it then it’s only common sense to make sure you can still get online to check your sales.

To this end, and if you haven’t already done so, sign up for a pay as you go dial up service that only charges you if you use it. At least you can then use your phone line to get access to eBay and keep your business running.

Check with your local internet provider to see if they offer a cheap or free dial up service. You can also find inexpensive dial up services by searching for “budget dial up” in Gooogle or your favorite search engine.

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