eBay Seller Customer Service

We all know how important good feedback is to our whole selling experience on eBay. But good customer service goes far beyond the need to get positive feedback from everyone we sell an item to.

When we buy something on eBay we at least expect a good service from the seller. But when we are the ones selling to other people, we should always aim to give nothing less than an excellent service. We should consider how we present ourselves to the customer, and how our image may be perceived by others.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘going the extra mile’? Basically it tells us that if we put in that extra effort, we will raise ourselves head and shoulders above the competition – and that would be an enviable position to be in when we are competing against other sellers on eBay.

Prompt service is perhaps the number one thing we can do to satisfy our customers. Not only prompt in sending out items to winning bidders as soon as cleared payment is received, but also in answering emails as quickly and as helpfully as possible.

Another issue regarding customer service concerns trust. The whole concept of eBay is built on trust; trust that the seller will deliver what they promised, trust that the buyer will pay on time, and trust that any questions will be answered truthfully. If you say you will do something by a certain time or date, make sure you do it within the time frame you indicated. It’s far better to say all parcels will be sent out within two to three working days and send them out after just one, than say you will send them out after one day and only manage to do that for two thirds of them.

Incidentally, if you over deliver on posting dates like this, people almost invariably say how quick the service was when they leave you feedback. If potential buyers check your feedback before deciding whether or not to buy something from you, this gives you a good image to convey to others.

There is no big secret to giving good customer service. The big secret lies in the fact that not many sellers try and go beyond that. If you can go that one step further and raise your levels to provide excellent customer service – even if it’s just by including an extra little gift as a thank you at Christmas time – that is what people will remember you for above all others.

And who do you think they will remember when they next need to place an order for something on eBay?

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