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Best Practices for your eBay Seller Homepage

If you have an eBay shop you’ll want to make sure your storefront homepage is attractive and entices the browsers in to look around and stay awhile. After all, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy something – or at least remember you for future purchases.The best way to get a good homepage is to learn from the efforts of others. My own look around the stores of eBay has revealed a disturbing number of sellers who feel that bright luminous and neon colors are the way to attract attention. Well they certainly do – but they send me (and doubtless a lot of other would be customers) running in the opposite direction.

Keep your page simple. Don’t forget that the photos which show your stock will add some depth to the whole effect, and if you sell products which are colored and attractive looking anyway, the lack of great swatches of color on your eBay homepage will serve to make your products stand out more.

Incidentally it’s well worth picking a color scheme to use as your own, as it will help to brand you and your store. You want people to be able to recognise your listings, and if you are selling a lot of different items and doing so on a regular basis, people will come to recognise a listing as yours even before they see the name of your shop. It’s all about branding, and it can make a real difference to your sales if you have a shop that’s easy on the eye.

But it’s not just about color. You need to make sure your homepage shows what you are selling, and makes it easy to navigate your shop as a whole. Think about how to organize your stock into categories, and how you will label the categories to make them appealing to a casual browser.

You can experiment here and try something a little different. For example, bargain basement is a good one to use for sale lines, and will always receive a lot of traffic. Don’t hide your sale items away in lots of different categories – draw attention to them and put them all together.

As with many things on eBay, regular experiments and tweaking here and there can improve your overall sales. Statistics show that shop sellers on the whole sell more than those who don’t have a shop, so make the most of this resource and welcome your customers with an excellent all round online shopping experience.

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