eBay Shipping Boxes

As eBay sellers we spend a lot of time choosing good quality products and listing them as professionally as we can in order to get as many sales as possible. But it’s just as important to put an equal amount of effort into the materials we package our products up in, so we can send them out to our customers.

In times where recycling is of real importance to the environment it’s easy to think we’re doing the right thing by using as much second hand packaging as possible when sending out our parcels.

But what image are we giving out to our customers when their item turns up in a battered old box covered in two types of parcel tape?

If you want to be seen as a professional seller, you will need to invest in proper, good quality packaging which looks neat and clean, and does the job of protecting the item during its sometimes hazardous journey through the postal system.

This isn’t to say you can’t still do your bit for the environment. We have taken to using grey rip proof bags which cannot be tampered with without it looking obvious – and they are made from recycled material. The color can vary a little between bags, but they are cheap and of extremely good quality, and we feel we are doing our bit in the name of recycling as well.

We do recycle certain things however, and these are items which are extremely useful in the packaging department. If you order from wholesalers you will know that your stock generally arrives in huge boxes that contain your selection of products. Quite often the supplier will use airbags to fill the spaces in between the stock, and copious amounts of bubble wrap to top it all off. This is well worth keeping to pad out your sold items so as to protect them in the post.

Packaging isn’t just about the way your items are protected; it’s also about how you can communicate with your customer once they open the package and find their purchase. We enclose a copy of the sales invoice (with a handwritten note to say thank you for their custom) and print out a promotional leaflet on the back of this, which tells them about our latest products and any special promotions we have running.

This is a prime chance to do some advertising, and provided your customer is happy with what they have just bought, the chances are they may buy something else from you.

In short, packaging is not just about wrapping something up and sticking a stamp on it. This is your golden opportunity to make a statement about your whole eBay business. Take a look at the way you are sending out your sold items. What do they say about you? What do they say about your business?

If the packaging is professionally and neatly done, people will assume that your business is highly professional and your items are also of excellent quality.

Image goes a long way towards how people remember you and how you served them – and it’s up to you how good that image is.

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