How Can I compare Prices when I Buy Tools Online?

Comparison shopping sites use special computer programs to collect prices from online stores all over the Internet. These comparison sites then all allow you to perform searches and display the results in a simple, easy to read table format. Obviously, these comparison sites can save you a lot of time since you can compare the prices of dozens of different tool stores from a single website.
An excellent comparison site for tools can be found at Just choose the category you want to search, i.e., drills, saws, sanders, and then a sub-category for the specific tool you’re seeking – cordless drills, drill press, right angle drills, etc. will display listings for all available models from every possible manufacturer. The tool’s description and price is listed, broken down by brand and, if you want to compare specs, just click the check box next to the item you want to see. The results from also include warranty information, features, battery life, voltage and item weight.

One of my favorite price comparison websites for tools and other non-tool items is At Froogle, you can search for any type of item including one-of-a-kind-items. Froogle is owned by the well known search site called and works off the results generated by Google’s search spiders. Merchants can also upload their products directly to Froogle to ensure their line of merchandise shows up in a user’s search.
I recently performed a search at for a “Rockwell Circular Saw,” which is a collectable saw that has been out of production for 20+ years. Froogle yielded 10 results, some of which were auction sites in foreign countries, and private sellers with “for sale” web pages.

Froogle’s database is updated often and is great at finding deals on popular retail items. For example, a search at Froogle for the entry level “Stanley screwdriver” organizer shows that it is selling brand new at some online retailers often for less than a typical price at eBay (even when considering the shipping charges).
You may want to perform similar searches on different price comparison web sites because the results may be slightly different for each one since search results depend on the specific web sites where the comparison searches perform their queries. At each comparison web site, you’ll find a broad selection by typing “tools” in the search box. If you’re looking for a specific model or brand, you can type that in the search box instead. Below is a list of websites that will display price comparisons that are compiled from dozens of different tool retailers.

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