How Can I Find an eBay Dropshipper?

If you have decided that dropshipping is the ideal way to develop your business, you will want to find a good dropshipper to get started with. There are plenty of them around but you need to get one that is reputable and reliable – otherwise your eBay business will suffer because of it.

So how do you go about finding one?

The number one method for doing this is research. Start exploring the market and try to find dropshippers directly. The one thing you shouldn’t do is to buy lists of dropshippers from people who charge you for the privilege. These are never a good source to get names from – and the names are probably dud or no longer viable anyway.

One way of finding a dropshipper is to explore the market for wholesalers – some of them offer dropshipping as well. And even if they don’t advertise the fact it is worth asking, because not all of them make a big deal of it.

There are also a few online sites that offer information and contacts for dropshippers. Be aware that some of these charge a fee for access though, so try and opt for ones that give you a free trial to begin with. These will make it possible for you to find out what the site is like before you pay for any services.

Another possibility is to search through relevant forums for information on dropshipping. Be aware of any affiliate links though from people who are just trying to get you to join a paid site. You want honest referrals from people who have already tried various sources and found them to be worth using.

In the end you need to use a variety of methods to find one or more dropshippers that will be ideal for you. Many people think that a search for a dropshipper will be something that is quick and easy, but this is not usually the case. Perseverance will allow you to research the market and come across sources of dropshippers without having to pay any money to do so.

So start by using Google to find some, but don’t rely solely on it as it will lead you to all the dodgy sites as well as the good ones. Look for reviews and experiences shared by other people too – they can help you to sort the wheat from the chaff and find the right dropshippers for you.

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