How to Buy a Motorcycle at eBay

Looking for a motorbike? If you are, why not give eBay a try? They’re easy enough to find – just click on the ‘motors’ option near the top left of the screen and go through to that section. From there you’ll see a link to motorbikes in the middle of the menu bar on the next page.

If you hover over the word ‘motorcycles’ you will see a whole range of well known makes drop down. If you know which type you want you can just click straight on that option. For example clicking on Harley Davidson at the time of writing produced an impressive 2,718 results.

That results page is helpfully tabbed at the top too, so you can see all the listings or go for Buy It Now or auctions only. It all depends on whether you want to try for a bargain or not. You’ll also see a section for classified ads. Of course you can also use the advanced search if you don’t really know what you want but you have a budget you need to abide by.

These listings differ a little from more general ones because they also include an ‘at a glance’ at the year and the mileage. This is useful if you have a very particular idea of what condition bike you want and what you want to pay for it.

When you spot something worth looking at a bit more closely, make sure you go through all the photos the seller has provided. The main one appears to the top left of the item listing page, but you should see smaller pictures underneath in thumbnail format. Simply hover your mouse over these to change the bigger picture. Click on it to keep the big picture on that selection. You can then use the zoom feature to have a closer look.

Information is everything when you want to buy a new bike, so make sure you go through all the details the seller has provided. Are there any details which have not been given? Is there anything you would like to know which isn’t on there?

Many sellers do include a phone number on their listing when it comes to big items such as motorbikes, so don’t be afraid to use it. No matter how much detail they put into their listings there is usually something they leave out. This also gives you the chance to speak to the seller, which can be the first step towards a successful purchase for you.

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