How to buy New and Refurbished Tools on eBay Auctions

Do you want to buy Brand New?
If a retailer advertises a product as “brand new”, that implies that its never been used or owned by another person. It should still be in the factory packaging and with the factory seal in tact. Finding online deals on brand new merchandise isn’t difficult if you know where to look.
Naturally, one of the best places to find brand new tools are at the manufacturer’s web sites. Manufacturers have sales and rebates just like any other retailer so it doesn’t hurt to check out their site now and then. Here’s a list of manufacturer’s web sites to get you started: – click on “hot buys”

Internet deals on brand refurbished and remanufactured tools
When a retailer advertises the product as refurbished, it usually means one of two things: that the item has been purchased and then returned or that it was defective and has since been repaired.
Refurbished items should look identical to a new item with the exception of a “refurbished” sticker somewhere on the box. All the paperwork should still intact and all the manufacturer’s packing should be in place as well.
Refurbished tools may be abbreviated as “refurb” or “remanufactured” and can drastically lower your purchase price. Similar to buying a car, merchandise loses some of its value when it leaves the warehouse or store. Refurbished warranties are typically identical to that of a new item as well so it is worth considering when shopping.

Internet deals on used tools
The term “used tool” is subjective. Question the seller about what he considers “used.” Some sellers will offer a limited warranty to give you the opportunity to examine the product firsthand and be sure it meets your satisfaction. If you can’t get a warranty on the item, ask yourself if the deal is worth the risk. If, for example, you found a 98 piece set of Channel Lock tools for $30, it may be worth the risk of losing the $30 on the chance that the set is as nice as the seller promises. Some used items can be a great find. Others aren’t worth a dime of your money. You may want to ask a seller in advance if you can return an item. Be sure to consider the cost of sending it back before you buy it.

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