How to Sell a Car at eBay

Okay so you want to sell your car. What is the first place you would think of trying to sell it at?

The chances are it may not be the big auction site eBay. But hundreds of cars are bought and sold on the site every single day, meaning there is a good market for you if you list and sell your car properly.

But how much will it cost you?

Well in actual fact your listing won’t be too harsh at all. You don’t pay a dime to actually list your car, so if you do so and it doesn’t sell you won’t be any worse off. The only fee payable is if you decide to go for a reserve on your car – and then it’s only seven dollars at current prices. If you sell your car you’ll need to pay $125, so bear that in mind when you think about how much you might sell it for.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that the $125 fee is charged when someone places a bid. If anything happens to scupper the sale, you’ll still be charged for it.

This means you need to make sure you get your listing exactly right, and provide every single shred of information you can. The last thing you want is for a bid to be placed, a deal to be struck and the buyer backing out because they discovered you didn’t give them all the information they needed.

So – you need to go through all the steps you would if you were listing something smaller. Pictures are exceptionally important – perhaps even more so than they are for other items – so take lots of both the interior and exterior of the car.

The description is vital too, so fill in all the details and sections you can when constructing your listing. If this is your first time selling a car on eBay, have a look at a few existing listings to see how they’ve been done. Your own description is also important, so include as many details as you can and be sure to keep all the details honest. If there is a tiny scratch on some part of the car, say so. If you don’t people will tend to assume the car is perfect.

Selling your car on eBay can be an easy way to get rid of it before moving on to your next one. And who knows, you might buy that from eBay as well.

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