How to Sell a Guitar on eBay

Guitars are popular items on eBay. A recent foray into the musical instruments main page showed that guitars were one of the most popular categories in that section, and many of the most popular searches had something to do with guitars as well.

So this is a good market if you want to sell your own guitar. But as always, the key to making as much for it as possible is to gather information.

Make a list of the most important details about your guitar. How old is it? What brand is it? Is there anything particularly unusual about it? And yes, take plenty of photos too. Pick a background that contrasts with the colour and finish of the guitar – preferably a plain background – and make sure the pictures are nice and sharp.

When it comes to listing your guitar you need to make sure you have it in the right category. So list it by type, brand and condition – it’s amazing how many people don’t say whether the guitar is new or used, and yet that is one of the first things most people want to know!

Specifications are exceptionally important too. If you take a look at some of the best guitar listings on you will see that they are packed with information. Yours should be too if you want to sell it for the highest possible price. Every detail is essential. You can always seek the help of your instruction manual for the guitar if you still have it (and if you don’t you should say so).

Next comes the choice of whether to auction your guitar off or whether you want to use a Buy It Now listing. Of course even if you opt for the auction format (which does tend to get more interesting both for the buyer and the seller) you don’t have to start things off at 99c. One recent guitar for sale had an opening bid of $117.95, and that single bid still stood alone with just half an hour left to go before it closed.

You might feel a bit more confident about listing your own guitar once you have researched the market a bit. Look up the same guitar that you have got on the completed listings and see what they are going for. This can help you to decide on an opening price, whether or not to have a reserve price and how much you can expect to get for it when it finally sells.

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