How to Sell a Motorcycle at eBay

Did you know it is free to list your motorcycle for sale on eBay? That’s right you don’t have to part with a cent to get your bike listed if you feel the time is right to sell it.

The fee structure works so that you only pay if you want a reserve or if you get a bid on the bike you are selling. It costs just seven dollars for the reserve facility, and $100 is charged once someone bids on it. That charge applies even if the potential buyer pulls out for some reason, so make sure that doesn’t happen with a tip top listing that pulls in the punters.

How can you do that? Many of the rules that apply to other listings apply just as well to listing motorcycles as well. Remember that this is a big ticket item so the more information you include the better. People won’t risk parting with several hundred (or thousand) dollars if they don’t feel they can trust you and your bike, so make sure you expel any doubts they might have.

One of the most important things to add to a listing when you are selling your motorcycle is a phone number. Make this your mobile if you want to keep your home number off the site. Encourage people to get in touch with questions – it can attract more buyers.

Get an idea of how much your bike is worth before you put your listing on the site too. If it is a popular and highly sought after bike you might want to do away with the reserve and see what happens. But it is often worth putting that reserve on, just so you get rid of any chance of a low sale.

When it comes to payment you can specify that a certain percentage of the winning bid has to be paid within 48 hours. The remainder would then be paid within seven days. This is a good idea as it may discourage late payers and you will also get a chunk of cash very soon after the auction closes.

Of course you might prefer to go for a Buy It Now listing, but auctions can attract a lot of bidders. A recent search of the site showed that 30, 40, 50 bids and more are quite common – and there was still a long time to go on many of those auctions.

Could your motorbike be the next one on that list?

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