How to Sell Furniture on eBay

Do you have any items of furniture you’d like to get rid of? If you do, don’t just dump them – list them on eBay and make some money by doing so.

It might seem a bit daunting doing this; after all furniture is bigger and much more awkward to list than a small item you can pop in the post. But if you do it right you should be able to sell it with the minimum of fuss.

So how should you do it?

First of all, photographs are essential. In all likelihood you are selling something that is used, so make sure you are honest about its condition. It’s far better to take photos of any damage and describe it in your listing than leaving it to chance and then having a disgruntled buyer on your hands.

And you don’t have to pay for the privilege of adding more than one photo to your listing either. Take all the photos you need, sign up for a free account at a free photo sharing site such as Photobucket, and embed the URLs to those photos in your actual listing. Job done!

You also need to have a good strong title in order to get potential buyers to view your listing. It helps to research the market a bit first to see how other successful sellers listed similar items. Always use words that are relevant to your item, and make the most of every character you have available. If the furniture is a well known make, do include this information as people will search for it.

When it comes to listing your item of furniture, make sure you add it to the Home and Garden section of eBay. If you take a look at that section you will see that there are categories such as home office, bedroom and living room. Consider which category your item will sit in most appropriately, and list it accordingly.

The main thing to remember is not to rush to get your item of furniture online. If you are willing to let it go at any price simply start an auction at the lowest possible price. If not, put a reserve on it but be realistic. You want to make as much money from it as possible, but you will only get what the market price is.

Finally make sure you specify ‘collection only’ if you don’t want to deliver the furniture yourself. It means everyone knows where they stand when they view the listing.

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