Is It Worth Selling Low Priced Items On EBay?

People who sell regularly on eBay often talk about profit margins and the amount they make from each item sold. So obviously you’ll only want to sell high ticket items for a high profit, right?

Not necessarily. Low priced merchandise can be a real help when you’re building your eBay business. It’s not the ideal price range to get into when you first start out, but when you have some revenue coming in and you are making a profit, it can help you boost your feedback score to new heights very quickly indeed – not to mention propel you towards the coveted PowerSeller status.

So which low priced items should you be buying?

To avoid making a loss on them, you need to find products that slot neatly in with whatever else you are selling, while also being high turnover items, ie. it should be something you can shift lots of.

There are two things you need to do to be able to find product lines like this. Firstly you need to find out what products your supplier or wholesaler has which could fall into this category. Once you’ve done this, the second step is to do some research among the completed listings on eBay.

This should give you enough information to be able to narrow down your shortlist of stock items. Ideally you need to find a product that will sell virtually every time you list it, but if you find something that has sold 75% or more of the time in the completed listings search, you know you’re onto a winner.

When you’ve established some of these lines within your overall sales strategy on eBay, you’ll notice your sales will start improving and your feedback will rise faster. You can actually make a small profit on items that sell for a couple of dollars if you shift enough of them, but more than that they can help you get to PowerSeller sooner than you might think – and they’ll keep your numbers up enough to make you stay there even when sales might dip during the summer months.

Selling low price but good quality products can also help you to convert more browsers into customers. Think about how you react when you are looking for a product on eBay. If it’s a high ticket item the feedback ratings and integrity of the seller are a big factor in making the decision to purchase from them. But some people still find it hard to trust sending cash to someone they have never met. This is where the low price item comes in – most people will risk a couple of dollars on a seller they haven’t experienced yet (if they have good feedback) because they figure that a couple of dollars isn’t too much to lose.

So don’t underestimate the power of those small sales – they are your chance to turn casual buyers into long term customers who come back and spend more… if you treat them in the right way.

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