Optimizing Your eBay Listing Titles

Okay, so you’ve bought your latest item of stock and you’re ready to list it on eBay. What do you do first?

Most people would take a photo of it, write a quick description about it, slap a title on and upload the whole thing to eBay as quickly as possible, so that it’s live in front of millions of waiting customers.

But hang on. A few minutes spent doing a little research now and putting your thinking cap on could make all the difference between average sales and excellent sales – or possibly no sales at all.

If you’re a hardened seller you’ll know that you get just 55 characters to use in your listing title. And that includes spaces as well. So it’s obvious that you need to be very efficient at deciding what to use those 55 characters for, if you are to make the most of them.

The first thing to do is check out the completed listings for the item you are planning to sell. Have a look at which ones sold and which ones didn’t. Sometimes it’s obvious why certain ones sold and others remained on the shelf – price being one of the big reasons – but take a look at the title and see which words were used.

You can add to this new found knowledge yourself, by taking a look at your item and figuring out the best way to describe it. The words you choose need to be found by as many people as possible in order to maximise your chances of a successful sale.

So if you’re selling something like a set of Christmas decorations, you’ll want to put the words Christmas and Xmas in there, as people are likely to look for both variations. If the decorations are for the Christmas tree, then put the word tree in as well. Next, you could include the material they are made from, as this is another aspect people might look for. Color is a possibility also, but not essential unless you find you still have the room.

Think about generic search terms as well. We sell a lot of party bag toys, and we make sure that we put that term (plus variations such as loot) in the title as well, as many people will search simply for party bag items, rather than putting a specific product in. Other examples of this are seasonal items, where the words Halloween, Christmas stocking filler and Easter can all be used to good effect.

A certain amount of testing may have to be done with some products. If you find sales are slower than you would expect, try changing a word or two and see what happens. Just make sure you keep a note of the previous title in case you want to change it back.

Titles on eBay are never cut and dried. Constant tweaking is necessary until you arrive at the perfect title for each product. And that journey can be a highly educating one to take.

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