How Can I Find Deals at eBay? is, by far, the largest auction site on the Internet. eBay has more than 100-million registered users with thousands of tools – and millions of other items – for sale at any given time. What this means for you, as a buyer, is a very competitive market often resulting in very low prices. You […]

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How Can I Search Printed Catalogs Online?

Use the Internet to search printed catalogs Another great Internet search secret is Here you’ll find a very large supply of mail order catalogs that Google has electronically scanned and placed online. These are generally the exact same printed catalogs that clutter up your physical mailbox. Google’s online versions of these printed catalogs can […]

How Can I compare Prices when I Buy Tools Online?

Comparison shopping sites use special computer programs to collect prices from online stores all over the Internet. These comparison sites then all allow you to perform searches and display the results in a simple, easy to read table format. Obviously, these comparison sites can save you a lot of time since you can compare the […]

How to buy New and Refurbished Tools on eBay Auctions

Do you want to buy Brand New? If a retailer advertises a product as “brand new”, that implies that its never been used or owned by another person. It should still be in the factory packaging and with the factory seal in tact. Finding online deals on brand new merchandise isn’t difficult if you know […]

How to Search on eBay (Part 2) (misspellings)

Search for misspellings of words in the item title Sometimes sellers can be sloppy. Misspelling a word in an item description can be detrimental to the success of the seller. It can also indicate an excellent bargain for buyers who can spot them, and keep their finds a secret. While this is mostly true of […]

How to Search on eBay (part 1)

Perform exact searches using quotation marks. Use quotation marks before and after a phrase to find item titles that contain a specific phrase. For example, if you create a search using the words, “Heavy-Duty Variable Speed,” surrounded by quotations, your result list will display only auction titles that contain that exact phrase title. Likewise, you […]

How Can I Protect Myself from eBay Seller Fraud?

In the next few sections, I’ll cover a few of the most popular ways that eBay buyers can protect themselves from dishonest sellers. You can read the complete details about eBay’s trust and security methods by visiting then clicking the “services” link at the top of the home page. Check the eBay Seller’s Feedback […]