Where Can I find Online Rebates?

Get Online rebates from participating sellers Many companies offer special discounts, coupons and rebates. This is true for online retailers as well.  You can buy the product now and send your receipt in for extra savings.  To do this, watch the advertisements, look for promotional stickers on product packaging and, if all else fails, ask […]

Where can I find Limited Time Onine Deals and Tool Liquidations?

Check for limited-time online deals and tool liquidations Some retailers now use Internet web sites to liquidate large quantities of old inventory and overstocked items.  As you might expect, some of these items are in short supply so you’ll need to check regularly for the best deals and greatest selection.  These are very often deals […]

How does Price Matching Work?

It’s obviously easier and faster to browse hundreds of stores on line using your computer than it is to use your feet.  However, there are some times when you can’t substitute an image on your screen for actually going to the store and feeling the item you want to buy.  In this section, I’ll provide […]

Where Can I Find Tool Recommendations when buying tools online?

Before you begin searching for tools, ask your friends what recent tools they’ve bought.  Also, ask how often they use them.  This sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed how little we utilize free advice.  Plus, you want to know more than just which electric drill Bob uses at home.  You also want to […]

Online Auction e-Bay Item Not Received Scam

Learn what recourse you have as an eBay buyer if your item is not received or if the item you receive is not as advertised. I recently purchased an item at eBay and promptly paid the seller using my debit card at PayPal. The seller had a good feedback rating, but I’ve never received the […]

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Creating Prepaid UPS Labels & USPS Shipping Labels in Paypal

On of the most valuable features at PayPal is the ability to automatically create a shipping label for either UPS or the United States Postal Service using a direct link in your PayPal transaction list. Simply log into your PayPal account, review your account history, and look for the print shipping label button in the […]

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eBay Descriptions

How Are Your Item Descriptions Holding Up Against The Competition? When you list a new item on eBay, the chances are you spend quite a while thinking up the best listing title you can. Keywords, search terms and relevant words and phrases are all necessary to make sure your potential buyers find your items and […]

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