What Auction Sites are Similar to eBay?

When it comes to buying or selling on an online auction site, eBay is the one that is at the top of the heap. But it isn’t the only auction site available, and it pays to find out what the others are because you could get an equally good deal there. And if you are a seller, why limit yourself to the one site?

One of the other big sites is called CQOut. This has websites in many countries just as eBay does, so it’s easy to find the one that is relevant for your own country. And as with eBay it offers two ways of buying or selling items – you can either go for the auction format or choose the Instant Buy option instead. In the latter example you can choose any time period between five and fourteen days, depending on how long you want to make that item available for.

EBid is another very popular site that has developed in recent years. And as with CQOut and eBay it also operates in plenty of different countries. This means you should be able to find the appropriate site depending on where you live.

This site uses a ‘buy or bid’ method so you can buy an item as soon as you see it if you wish. Alternatively it may also be listed at a lower bidding price, and in this case you can bid on it and hopefully win it for a lower amount of money than you would otherwise have paid.

There are also a number of much smaller sites – some of which are relatively new – which are trying to cash in on the success model of eBay. You should check what is available in your own country to see what you can get. Some people frequent more than one site to try and sell more goods if they have an online business. Alternatively while eBay may always be your first port of call when buying something, you may also find a cheaper deal or something totally different by visiting all the sites before you decide what to buy.

Regardless of how many sites you decide to join, it is definitely worth being a member of more than one. So do some research, find out what the most popular auction style sites are in your country and go from there. You won’t regret it.

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