What if two eBay Snipe software users are bidding for the same item?

Summary: You can improve your chances for winning eBay Auctions even if you are competing against others who are using eBay Snipe software

Remember that eBay’s proxy bidding rules favor the highest bidder, which trumps bidding at whatever time, sniped or not. But, what if multiple eBay Snipe software users bid the exact same amount on the same item with the exact same buffer time?

Actually, we’ve only seen this happen a couple of times in the millions of bids we’ve placed with www.BidRobot.com

The first bidder to have placed the bid at Bidrobot will be retrieved first and processed first – but BidRobot is capable of submitting multiple bids in the same split second. BidRobot makes no attempt to arbitrate among BidRobot users sniping on the same item. Always, the bidder with the highest bid
amount wins, so be sure to add a nickel to your bid amount!

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