What is an eBay Trading Assistant?

You’ve probably heard of an eBay trading assistant before, but you may not know exactly what they are. However, if you want to sell things on the auction site and you don’t have the time to do it yourself, they might be the answer you have been looking for.

So what are they? Basically trading assistants are normal eBay sellers who have built up a lot of experience selling their own items on the site. But as well as selling their own items, they will sell yours too if they are interested in them. There are plenty of different types of trading assistant so it is wise to research them to find out which one would be right for you.

For example some will be happy to sell anything over a certain value. Others may only wish to sell certain items. But the most important thing to consider initially is where they live. You need to find a trading assistant close to your own location, because you will need to take your items to them in order for the trading assistant to get them listed on the site.

It goes without saying that the trading assistant will take a cut of the proceeds when the item or items sell on the site. You need to agree on fees and charges before you get started, so you know what to expect.

Because of the commission payable to the trading assistant for using their services, you will generally find that they won’t consider any goods under a certain amount of money. This may vary according to the trading assistant you find, so be sure you take a look at all the potential assistants in your area or thereabouts. You might find there is one or two that really leap out at you.

Obviously you should also look into their background. What are they like as sellers? They need to be of a certain quality to be accepted into the eBay program to begin with, but they should still be easy to work with if you are going to get along with them.

Remember too that you can contact them and have a chat to see whether it would work for you to use them as your chosen eBay trading assistant. The program itself is a great idea, and provided you find the right one for you, you could soon be selling your items on eBay with no problem at all.

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