Where Can I Find Last Year’s Model?

Consider last year’s model

Perhaps you have had the experience of buying a fancy new widget, and then a few months later, you see that a new model has been introduced and the price for the item you bought has dropped by 30% or more!  Manufacturers and retailers are eager to sell old stock, sometimes at less than their original cost, just to make space for the newest model.  Oftentimes, the added features in the newer model do not justify a 30% price premium.  Unless you absolutely must have the “latest and greatest,” consider buying last year’s model at a huge discount.

To find last year’s model, don’t perform Internet searches for specific model numbers. Instead, perform a verbose search and compare the results individually.  For example, don’t search for a “Milwaukee 0622-24.” Instead search for a “Milwaukee Cordless Drill” then compare the features of the various items for sale.  You’ll find that you not only get the listings for the newest model, but you’ll also find the closeout deals on models from previous years and refurbished items as well.

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