Where Can I find Online Rebates?

Get Online rebates from participating sellers

Many companies offer special discounts, coupons and rebates. This is true for online retailers as well.  You can buy the product now and send your receipt in for extra savings.  To do this, watch the advertisements, look for promotional stickers on product packaging and, if all else fails, ask your salesperson about current rebate offers and special promotions.

Another nifty money-saving tool is the web site www.ebates.com.  Linked to over 700 stores, you can net some pretty hefty savings up front – plus they send you a rebate check once each quarter.  How does it work?  Register with Ebates and go “through” their site to do your shopping.  Think of them as a doorway to the mall – one entryway, hundreds of stores.  How much you buy determines your rebates.  The Garden Company and Landscape USA are two of many home and garden stores you can buy from.  And, if you’re shopping anyway, why not get a little cash back in the deal?

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