Which Credit Card Companies Give Cash Back?

Get cash back from some credit card companies

Another rebate tool can be your little plastic credit card.  Subject to certain conditions, you can earn cash back on your purchases, putting a little extra green back in your wallet.

www.AmericanExpress.com gives 3% cash back on purchases from standalone gas stations, grocery, drug and home improvement stores.  Department stores, large “super chains” and any other purchases not falling into the standalone category earn you a 1.5% rebate.  And, if you carry the balance instead of paying it off, you can earn another 2%.

www.DiscoverCard.com offers a similar program, giving you 1% cash back for your purchases.  If you buy through one of their ”Cash Back Bonus Partners” and you can double your return.  Cash back amounts are available in $20 increments and can be wire-transferred to your bank account or applied toward your Discover account.

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