Why Should I Leave eBay Feedback?

Remember in the very first step how you relied on friends and strangers to give you good tool advice? Now is your chance to repay the favor.
The Internet community is a vast resource of information with millions of people going to great lengths to provide detailed descriptions, suggestions and experiences for the rest of the world to peruse. Don’t just use the information – add to it for the next guy down the line. Wouldn’t it be great, for example, if someone had told you that the drill press you bought could be found for half price somewhere else? Or that a particular model or brand wasn’t worth the packaging it came in?
Wait until you’ve used the tool for 90 days or so. If you used an auction site, leave a feedback rating for the seller. If you have time, visit one or more of the user opinion sites described in the first step and write a short description of your experience, good or bad.

And there you have it! Most of these money-saving techniques can be applied to buying any consumer item on the Internet – bicycles, electronics, televisions, even automobiles! There’s a great collection of deals on the World Wide Web. Knowing how and where to look will help you find just what you’re looking for and at a price you can live with!

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